Central European Business Review, 2013 (vol. 2), issue 4



Miroslav Karlíček

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):3 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.58


Undeclared Work in the Czech Republic and its Implications for the Czech Labor Market

Wadim Strielkowski

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):7-14 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.59

This paper aims at describing the issue of undeclared work in the Czech Republic and to explain the burdens it represents for the national economy. It also describes what measures can be undertaken in order to tackle undeclared work and uses some real-life examples to illustrate their outcomes. Undeclared work and the so-called "švarc systém" (the employer-employee relations with a person exercising the employer's normal activities not being an employee in legal terms but acting as an independent entrepreneur) are among the biggest issues on the Czech labor market nowadays. According to some estimations, the Czech state loses about five billion CZK...

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Case Study from the Banking Sector

Hasebur Rahman

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):15-23 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.60

Delivering superior service quality to customers in today's business environment is very crucial and important due the stiff competition in the local and international markets. The ability to provide high service quality will strengthen the image, enhance retention of customers, attracting new potential customers through customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study investigates the customer satisfaction and loyalty relationship in terms of basic service, advanced service employed by Jamuna Bank Limited and customer perceptions regarding cost and prestige of receiving banking service of the concerned bank. The study reveals that there is a significant...

The Importance of Brand on B2B Markets: Expert Interviews with Hilti AG Managers

Martin Konečný, Daniela Kolouchová

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):24-29 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.61

This paper investigates the importance of brand building in the business-to-business world. Not only B2C companies must take branding into account and put it among their top priorities in order to survive and succeed on the market. The first part of the article deals with the theoretical background of brand importance and market specifics of B2B markets and results in the setting of two hypotheses. The following research has to find out how the managers of a pure business-to-business company perceive the importance of a brand; moreover, it has to evaluate the importance of eight specific brand building factors. Fourteen expert interviews document the...

The Emerging Markets of Africa: Business Opportunities for Central and Eastern Europe

Gina M. Cook

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):30-38 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.62

This paper discusses the increasing importance of emerging markets, particularly those in Africa, in terms of international business opportunities in the post-financial crisis period; while BRIC economies have received a lot of attention in the preceding decade, other emerging markets - especially in Africa - show indications of taking on more prominence in the upcoming period. In fact, at present, the continent of Africa represents one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This paper focuses on growth indicators and trends in the African markets as well as potential future international business opportunities; specifically, it examines the...

Small & Medium Enterprise Assessment in Czech Republic & Russia Using Marketing Analytics Methodology

Pramod Dasan

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):39-49 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.63

This paper aims to focus on the determinants influencing the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Czech Republic and Russia. The objective is to investigate and evaluate the business environment and, then, examine the importance of developing and promoting entrepreneurship to allow SMEs in Czech & Russia to develop a competitive position in the international marketplace. An overview of the current economic situation facing SMEs in CZ & RU is provided. Then the factors necessary for the expansion of the business will be discussed, along with the challenges of overcoming the resource gaps to be identified. We have...

Container Shipping Market Dimensions and Customer Orientation in the Czech Republic

Petr Kolář

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):50-53 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.64

The forthcoming research characterises and analyses the key market players (shipping lines), their customer service policy together with the implications the container transport bottlenecks have for the market in the Czech Republic with customer orientation being one of these. Evaluating companies' customer orientation and analyzing container shipping dimensions in the market of transport and logistics is a highly complex task, especially in the times of the changes in the market. To obtain the data necessary for an informed analysis, open interviews with selected customer service managers will be made and questionnaires distributed in the Czech Republic....

Research Notes

The Introduction of Project Management and Project Thinking at Secondary Schools

Dušan Kučera

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):56-57 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.66


Josef Zeidler: It is Impossible to Dictate the Passion

Tomáš Poucha

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):58-62 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.67


On the Performance Gaps between Family and Non-Family Firms in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Machek, Jiří Hnilica

Central European Business Review 2013, 2(4):54-55 | DOI: 10.18267/j.cebr.65